Our suggestions to beat the winter blues

February 21, 2018
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Winter is in full swing but beautiful snow-covered landscapes and slightly longer days are not always enough against the effect that the dark and cold have on our bodies and spirits.

So here are some ideas from the Camellia Sinensis team to add a little comfort to these cold winter days.

“For me, it's the Long Jing Zhejiang and M.Xu's Bai Hao...the former is green, vivifying and helps concentration while the latter is comforting, woodsy and fruity. Either way, both delicious!" - Francois Marchand

"To beat the blues, I put on some reggae and pour myself a good Wulong from the Wuyi mountains!" - Sebastien Colin

"The 2007 PuEr Lao Ban Zhang: it's instantly comforting and soothing. It has a warm welcome and an essence of outdoors: the noble woods, camphor or even pine trees of the forest. A perfect tea to savour during a snow storm" - Laurence Lambin-Gagnon

"If you're looking for after-ski comfort, look no further than a 1992 Menghai Hou Gen Pu Er Sheng" - Jasmin Desharnais

"I fill up my thermos with Bai Rui Xiang, put on my cross-country skis, and head out late at night with a few friends to enjoy the moonlight" - Kevin Gascoyne

"I often recommend to clients the high mountain Taiwanese wulongs as "winter teas". The vegetal yellow liquor is well textured and also, it's a tea that's best infused with boiling water (as opposed to some green teas that range 75-85 degrees)" - Sabrina Catellier

“The only thing better than staying warm inside with a "Clark" chai mix from Bristol Chai with some soothing sounds of Suzie Arioli and Jordan Officer, is adding a fire place?" - Jean-Francois Di Pietro

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