Patrice Demers' Favourites

November 24, 2022
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Patrice Demers and his wife Marie-Josée Beaudoin

Patrice Demers is, without doubt, one of Quebec’s top patisserie artists.  He is known for his seasonal highlights and focus on local ingredients.  Having studied in hospitality, he opened a string of famous restaurants over the years and in 2014 his own pastry boutique, Patrice Pâtissier.  In 2022 the boutique closed to allow Patrice and his partner Marie-Josée to concentrate on new, more creative, projects.  Over the years Patrice hosted five seasons of the show:  Les desserts de Patrice and, to date, has published 4 books.  For many years he has been giving patisserie courses to both enthusiasts and professionals.  He has always loved using tea either as an ingredient or an accompaniment.  Here are some of his favourites.

Hojicha Isagawa

A perfect tea to accompany desserts but also great to infuse in cream for whipped cream.  The aromas of roasted nuts and cereal pair perfectly with autumn fruits: pears roasted in maple syrup, apple caramelized in honey… .  

Pinglin Bao Zhong

An Wulong with a delicate, refined profile and creamy texture.  In the nose magnificent aromas of cooked peach and flowers.  A perfect side for a seasonal fruit pie of really buttery puff or short crust pastry and sweet, ripe fruits (peach, apricot or plums)  

Bai Hao Jingmai

Patrice and Marie-Josée adore Wulong teas and this one was an instant hit.  With aromas of cooked fruits and spicy notes, a perfect side for a financier with nuts and hazelnut butter.

Pu Er Mengsong 2016

This tea is extremely complex with exceptional aromas and perfect balance.  In tasting we instantly thought of caramelized nuts or milk chocolate.  Why not try it with a Paris-Brest (pastry with praline filling sprinkled with almonds) and a delicious praline cream with a touch of fleur de sel.

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