Portrait : Mr Wang, skilled craftsman

March 5, 2017
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We are proud to see our Yixing collection enriched by an artist as renowned as Mr Wang! We were lucky enough to be introduced to him by Mr. Yan, a celadon artist and friend of ours.

After graduating from the Jingdezhen Ceramic school in 1991, Mr Wang distinguished himself teaching teapot forms, which quickly became his speciality. Since then he has been award many prizes and distinctions. The success of his studio, opened in 1997 confirms his reputation.

Mr Wang works with Zisha, a variety of dark stoneware that leads to a certain style of pottery. His mastery of traditional techniques gives him the ease to experiment and adapt the conventions of his milieu. Over time, he has even succeeded in modifying the original colour and texture of this clay, which distinguishes him in his art.

In our first collection of his work is a selection high quality teapots, some real treasures. We also picked up a series of more rustic and affordable cups and storage jars designed by Mr Wang and his team.

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