Precious Drops: Tea the Price of Gold

January 22, 2014
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For the last three years it has been our pleasure to offer the fruits of a small scale Japanese tea production technique, Temomicha. Produced entirely by hand by a remaining hundred or so producers who strive to preserve this tradition.  This exceptionally rare tea is generally intended for annual competitions (in order to acquire a reputation for excellence). Thus it is a great privilege to invite you to savour the intensity of a few drops of the nectar generated by Mr.Miyano's carefully formed tea.

The infusion method that we suggest is as original as the tea itself. It allows us to appreciate the full potential of a Temomicha and to explore all its subtleties!

Using a Shiboridashi or small flattened shaped porcelain vessel place 4 to 5 grams of the long tea leaves lengthways to create a long pyramid.

The infusions will be made with very little water at a surprisingly low temperature poured both sides of the leaves allowing the infusion to take place from underneath.

Here are the recommendations of Mr. Miyano:

First infusion: 2 minutes with 25 ml of water at 50 ° C

2nd infusion: 1 minute with 25 ml of water at 60 ° C

3rd infusion: 45 sec. with 50 ml of water at 70 ° C

4th infusion and following: 2 minutes and with 100 ml of water at 75 ° C

For each infusion, it is important to transfer every single drop of the liquid so as to not affect the following infusion.

Then prepare yourself to experience a few precious drops of a dense liquor with vegetable and floral aromas of remarkably long persistence. Despite the small amount of liquid that the technique provides us for tasting, the effect on the palate is powerful and can even be accompanied by a euphoric flush. A recommended experience for all seekers of the sensational!

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