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March 30, 2023
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Dr Richard Béliveau

Richard Béliveau is a doctor of biochemistry and the Scientific Director of the Program for Prevention and Treatment of Cancer at UQAM University.   He has worked as the director of the oncology laboratory of Notre Dame Hospital, the Jewish General Hospital and Saint Justine’s Hospital in Montreal.   His team have developed two new chemotherapy medicines that are currently in clinical trials with the FDA in the United States.  He is the author of 6 books on the subject, has been translated into 29 languages around the World and works with international media around the World to explain his scientific research.  He also writes a column for the Journal de Montreal newspaper where he has published over 700 articles of health research.

Richard has a passion for Japan and that he discovered very early through practicing martial arts.  This also lead to his fascination with the Samurai.  His extensive collection of armour, swords and other Samurai objects was exhibited at the Pointe à Callière Museum in Montreal.

Tea was an integral part of Samurai culture.  As well as swords (Katana), the Chawan, Matcha bowl, is probably the object most connected to the Samurai, an essential object to those that saw their own illusory and ephemeral existence as fragile as the cherry blossom (Sakura).

To drink from it alone is a privileged moment of introspection and contemplation.  To drink from it with a friend is a great moment of sharing and discovery, catalyzed by these beautiful objects from the ritual of tea.  


Kamairicha and De Jian Long Zhu are among my favourites for the morning, to savour in a moment of pure pleasure.  I have a around 200 tea cups, some dating back to the Song Dynasty in the 11th Century. I will select one that inspires me to face the battles of the coming day.

Li Shan and Dong Ding from M. Nen Yu: At midday, I will enjoy an wulong in my favourite Yi Xing teapot.  I love the aromatic complexities of wulong.  From them I build my strength for the rest of the day.

Bamboo tea boat:  bamboo represents an existential duality for the Japanese it is at once one of the strongest and most supple materials. Strength and flexibility, depending on life’s circumstances, is what I contemplate when I look at this sobre and elegant object that allows the teapot and cup to express their refined elegance to the full.

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