Simon's Favourites

November 23, 2023
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Simon Aubertin

Fascinated by the art of tasting since childhood, educated at the restaurant and hospitality institute, Simon had a great passion for the universes of cheese, beer and Scotch before diving into the world of tea with the Camellia Sinensis team in 2022.   He works in our stores advising the clients and has recently taken over our social media platforms and the creation of various forms of content for our marketing, including the very popular Simon Chronicles.   These are some of his current favourites.

  • Feng Huang Hong Cha : for its depth, balance and its fruity (blueberry, lichee) and woody notes.
  • Sencha Tsukigase : for its rustic, frank, vegetal and slightly floral character.  Perfect to start the day.  
  • Darjeeling 2 Flush Singbulli : full-bodied with fruity and noble wood notes.  His favourite Darjeeling of the year.  
  • Ceylan Matakelle : for its fascinating complexity, with moments of caramelized malt, dried flowers and poached pear.  So comforting.
  • Teapot from Mr. Shao | Magnolia : for its porosity, size and absolutely perfect pour.  Simon’s is reserved for dark Chinese wulong.

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