Tasting: First Flush and words

March 23, 2018
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As a tea enthusiast, I like to know our products in depth.

Our Darjeeling First Flush promotion gives me the perfect reason to organize a comparative tasting to learn about their nuances and appreciate their evolution over time.

For this tasting, I used 2.5g and infused them 3 minutes at 95 ° C.

First, you should compare their visual and aromatic differences.

Tasting the liquors allows you to judge the textures, strengths, balance between the flavors and perfumes.

I like to play a game with my colleagues, where I ask them to associate a word with each tea. This allows us to memorize which is the most soft or floral... We can push the exercise further with 2-3 words or more according to what inspires us and what stories the teas tell us.

For example, for the 7 Darjeeling First Flush we have on the table, here's what we got:

1 - Thurbo DJ-16: Soft, lavender, peach, light, sweet.

2 - Muscatel DJ-1: Muscat, biting, limestone, zesty.

3 - Singell DJ-19: White flower, fresh grass (parsley, basil), bright, well structured.

4 - Oaks DJ-2: Classic, woody, sweet, amber, saponin.

5 - Sungma DJ-8: Malty, nuts, young Pu Er Sheng.

6 - Castleton DJ-1: Full-bodied, latex, citrus, firewood.

7 - Jungpana DJ-3: Balanced, spicy, salty, cherry, bark.

We can also use images, memories, shapes or colours to describe our impressions. Those that appear to us first are often very relevealing. I try to avoid censoring myself as much as possible. The important thing is to keep a living memory of our perceptions. The Sungma really makes me think of a young Pu Er Sheng!

Have a great spring... and enjoy our First Flush, while we await for the 2018 arrivals.

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