Tasting Notes: Meghalaya Lakyrsiew

October 16, 2018
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For many tea drinkers, autumn is a special moment, a time where infusions seem to harmonize time and space as well as temperature and mood. Whether you are outdoors watching the falling leaves, or in town enjoying the quietness of the streets or even at home watching the rain fall on the window, there is a tea to enhance the experience. The Meghalaya Lakyrsiew Autumnal, a tea with colourful leaves stands out for its versatility and the seasonality of its aromatics.

Laurence, tea advisor at our Quebec City store, shares his thoughts on the Autumnal Meghalaya Lakyrsiew. Known as a Pu er expert, he was pleased to give us his tasting notes for this unusual Indian black tea.

The region of Meghalaya extends to the of Assam, in a mountainous chain extremely favourable to tea culture, but unfortunately sparsely populated and difficult to access. The tea that comes from the Lakyrsiew Garden is of exceptional quality, distinct flavour profile and often one of Kevin's favourites each year.

Laurence prefers drinking it in a gaiwan, because when infused in small volume, it reveals a surprising aromatic complexity.

Infusion settings

The Meghalaya is very versatile: it is great in a teapot (according to the recommendations - 2,5g / 250ml), but we prefer it in gaiwan (4,5g, 20s, 20s, 30s).
Tasting notes

Nose: tomato, leather, tobacco, dried fruit.
Notes: cocoa, spices, candied fruits and ripe tomatoes. Beautiful tannic structure that mixes astringency and softness, refreshment and comfort.
The second infusion is more focused on grapes, dried fruit and acidity.

From the first few infusions to the very last, its evolution is remarkable. It starts from the sweetness of cocoa and spices to the acidulous notes of raisins, tomatoes and dried fruits. Its supple tannic structure and sweet body make it a refreshing and comforting tea, suitable for both difficult awakenings and slow moments of relaxation and introspection.

To quote Kevin: "The Meghalaya Lakyrsiew is an exceptional black tea: unexpected ‘completeness’ and finesse-solid structure and definition – light, ethereal delivery"

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