Tasting Notes with Andrei Ivanov

November 29, 2017
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In late October this year Andrei Ivanov, of Riga in Latvia, was a competitor in the Tea Masters Cup held this year in Enshi, Hubei, China. He was awarded First Prize in 3 of the 5 events.

Andrei has been drinking a few of our teas and recently sent the tasting notes below:

First of all a big thank you to the Camellia team for doing such a great job and giving people an opportunity to drink such high quality tea! For me as a ‘Tea Master' and big tea lover, it is always a special moment drinking teas like these.

The Competition Dong Ding is amazing and probably the best I've ever tried! Such fragrant and sweet aromas of dry leaves made me fall silent, this tender texture of perfectly roasted tea makes you want this tea more and more. Fascinating notes of fried sunflower seeds and flowers are very deep. The sweetest aroma in the empty cup of candy-floss and honey. This generous tea gives many infusions, so a perfect choice for those who prefer to spend time with quality leaves and in a good state.

Few words about Bai Hao 2008 - This is a masterpiece! Once again proving that Taiwan is full of treasures and this is one of them! Every time I drink aged teas of this style I fall in love with them, but this one really got took my heart. So floral and sweet, words cannot explain. So honey, so caramel, so deep with an endless taste and aftertaste. Once again hard to put into words, more of an emotional state of mind.

About the Pu er 1998 Menghai 7542. It's great choice for those who love aged Sheng. I got big pleasure to taste it and it put me into a great state. Enjoyable melody and game of flavors as a result humid environment of Taiwan.

Thank you again Camellia Sinensis! Forgive me for my English, hope everything is clear.

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