Tea base cocktail: Feng Pine

October 4, 2021
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Feng Pine Cocktail

For several years we have been exploring the surprising compatibility of different teas with whisky. In these pairings we usually taste the two products separately, With mixology however we blend the various ingredients and their respective flavour profiles in to the same beverage. Following a course of mixology with our friends at Ateliers & Saveurs, we created a recipe for a comforting cocktail.

We asked Simon Faucher, known as 'LeRoux', a sommellier and modern mixologist  at St Amour to create this recipe that enhanced the taste of the tea and all the other ingredients. Simon chose tea as the base of the cocktail and whisky as the alcohol, ideal to please anyone!



  • 1 ½ oz (45 ml) Glenfiddich
  • ½ tsp Spruce Tips Jelly
  • 1/3 oz (10 ml) Lemon juice
  • 7 oz (200ml) Feng Huang Hong Cha Tea
  • Fir Branch


Mix all ingredients together and serve with a fir branch as decoration.

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