Tea Base Mocktail : Fragrant Pear

November 16, 2023
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Tea Base Mocktail : Fragrant Pear

This mocktail and chaser combination, created by Jean-François Desaulniers, is textured and fruity.  Jean-François, who works as a sommelier, worked in our teahouse in the Latin Quarter and specializes in the creation of tea-based cocktails that are less sweet and extremely complex. Back in 2019 he won the Canadian Tea Master’s Cup in Mixology.

Ingredients, serves 2 people:

  • 150ml Bai Rui Xiang cold.  (We recommend an 8hr cold brew using 2.5g of tea per metric cup, 250ml, of cold water. You could also brew a regular hot water infusion and cool it with ice).
  • Pear juice frozen into cubes in an ice tray, 2 or 3 cubes for each drink (To be prepared the night before)
  • 10 drops of sweet clover extract*
  • 300ml of Rise Kombucha Orange and Turmeric
  • Garnish : Orange zest

Preparation :


  • Pour 150ml of the cold-brew Bai Rui Xiang into a cocktail shaker.
  • Add 10 drops of sweet clover extract, mix.
  • Measure 75ml of this mix into 2 shooter glasses.
  • Put these chasers aside for a minute.


  • Add frozen pear juice cubes (3 or 4) to your shaker.
  • Add 300ml de Rise Kombucha orange curcuma.
  • Shake vigourously for around 20 seconds so that the iced pear cubes are almost dissolved.
  • Separate the liquid from the remaining ice.
  • Crush the remaining ice into slush with a pestle.
  • Spoon this pear slush into 2 medium sized glasses (150ml)
  • Add the remaining liquid from the shaker.
  • Rub a slice of orange zeste around the rim of 2 glasses and use to garnish.

Serve the mocktail and the chaser of Bai Rui Xiang with sweet clover, side by side.  Alternate between sips of the mocktail and the chaser to taste the experience.

* It is possible to substitute the sweet clover extract for a half teaspoon of dark maple syrup. It will remove the essence of the magic but will remain balanced and delicious.

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