Tea Latte Preparation

June 1, 2021
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Milky tea-based alternatives to coffee have been increasingly popular in coffee shops in recent years.  Modern plant-based milk alternatives have also really opened up the possibilities. Be it the power-goodness boost of invigorating matcha, the gourmet-exotic flavour experience of chai or the warm tradition of an Earl Grey, these drinks are easy to prepare at home and really worth exploring.  

Matcha and Chai LatteMATCHA LATTE
Matcha is a fine green tea powder from Japan.  It is traditionally whisked in a small quantity of water with a whisk called a chasen. Prepared this way, the liquor is very thick and the taste intensely vegetal. While some tea lovers prefer this style of preparation, matcha's current popularity is certainly due to its potential as a great latte ingredient.  This smoothens the vegetal notes and gives a drink that will please everyone.
Whisk 1 teaspoon (2 to 2.5 grams) of matcha with a little sugar (to taste) in about 50ml of hot water. Then pour hot milk on to this matcha base. This method is popular in coffee shops and if your heated milk has foam it allows a little 'latte art' in the foam, which looks great in contrast to the bright green matcha.

A matcha latte can be prepared with cow’s milk or with vegetal alternatives, we prefer it with oat milk. If you are using cow’s milk, we recommend adding a little more sugar than you would with a vegetal alternative.

Chai Latte is a delicious blend of tea, spices and milk. It is the most common way of drinking tea in India, where « Chai Wallah » offer them in small street stalls all across the country.
The traditional preparation is to let the tea brew in a big cauldron with the milk and spices.  While interesting for flavour, this traditional method takes a little more time.
For a simple and quick chai latte preparation: brew a small pot or cup of one of our chai blends and let it steep for a minimum of 30 minutes. To serve, add hot milk (or vegetal milk) and serve.

The London Fog is simply a latte version of Earl Grey tea (a bergamot flavoured black tea). To prepare it steep one of our Earl Grey teabags for 3 to 4 minutes in a cup with about 100ml of hot water and then add the hot milk. Vanilla syrup is a popular optional addition, a little sugar or our favourite maple syrup.

These lattes are all delicious served chilled on ice.

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