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January 12, 2023
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Tea School in Montreal

This Autumn the Camellia Sinensis team launched a new, exciting educational program for the freshly renovated Tea School of Québec City and in the beautiful new tea space on Emery St. in Montreal.  

We have been teaching tea for over 20 years now!  Back in 2001 we began developing a series of tea workshops and tastings for our enthusiastic clientele.  Over time this element of our activities grew into the Tea Schools of Montreal and Quebec City.  More recently, during the pandemic, with classroom activities restricted, we switched to an essential offering of online classes.  This period gave us a great opportunity to revamp and update our program.  Basing our new structure on a blend of feedback from our experienced teachers and a survey that went out to the tea community, the work began.

Our ‘Classic’ series of 5 workshops has a more informative lean and begins with the Discovery of Tea.  The series goes on to explore the principal tea styles with separate workshops on Green Tea, Wulong, Black Tea and Aged Tea.  They can be taken in any order and offer a strong, basic tea education accompanied with plenty of tasting and experimenting with infusion techniques.  With this series of workshops, we have found that fine balance between giving plenty of information, more tasting than before, while retaining a relaxed, comfortable atmosphere.

Our ‘Exploration’ series is a slightly different format where participants sit down to infuse and taste a seasonal selection of premium teas with one of our experts.  In these workshops the information flows with the conversation and the tea.  We explore the more obscure corners of the tea universe, or a selection of favourites from one of our experienced team.  The context is less formal and participants have the opportunity to learn more specifically through having their own tea questions answered and sharing anecdotes.  As we learn and taste together, we enjoy that magic quality that tea has to assemble us around a table.  

Later in 2023, due to popular demand, we will also be announcing a series of gourmet pairing workshops of tea with chocolate, cheese, Scotch and perhaps even oysters.

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