Tea Studio : Our interview with the Chief of Operations

January 21, 2019
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Our experimental factory in India known as the Tea Studio has now been open for just over a year. Our four expert tea tasters left in October 2018 to visit the factory, meet the team and make tea! They also took the opportunity to welcome two of their favourite Chinese producers to help them optimize the production.

François sat down for a chat with the chief of operations, Muskan Khanna, to discuss her job as well as her team, comprised entirely of women. We’ve come to discover that the project wouldn’t have been the same without her passion and dedication.

F : When did you start getting interested about tea ?

M : It was around when we started talking about this project, about 3 years ago. I thought the concept was innovative and different – I just wanted to get involved. I spoke to my father, Indi, one of the associates, and I got the opportunity to become the chief of operations. That’s when I started learning a lot more about the industry as I visited many other factories to understand the process.

F : Can you share your background previous to joining the Tea Studio ?

I studied in media and advertising and I worked in that field for many years. Needless to say, it’s a very different world. My father taught me a lot about my craft and I couldn’t be happier to be part of the team.

 F : Can you describe to us a typical day at the Tea Studio ?

M : I typically arrive at the factory around 9AM and I spend a bit of time in my office answering emails and doing various administrative tasks. After that, I head down to the production floor and then…well I normally spend the rest of my day there!

 F : How was it working with our two Chinese producers?

M : I love it ! I learned a ton of new ways to help us improve the quality of the production process within the factory.

F : Talk to us about being one of the few women managing a tea factory.

M : It’s definitely not something you see everyday in India and at first, it didn’t help me making people around me understand what my day to day reality was. There was also an adjustment period for me to learn how to balance my personal and professional life. All that being said, I’m so passionate about what I do and I couldn’t be happier. I’m given a lot of room to grow as well as being empowered. My father often reminds me “You’re the boss around the shop”.

 F : What about the rest of the team ?

M : The Tea Studio is 100% comprised of women. We’re now all friends which gives a great energy flowing throughout the factory.

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