Team Portrait : Alexis Bernard

February 9, 2017
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At Camellia Sinensis, what matters, as much, if not more, than the quality of our tea and teaware, is the team behind the company. This month, we introduce Alexis Bernard, who has worked with us for more than a decade.

Alexis, tell us how you started with the company ...
"It's been twelve years since last December, I can hardly believe it has gone so fast!" I started in the holiday rush, two weeks after the opening of the Quebec boutique. An intense and completely crazy immersion in the world of tea, which I have never regretted! Twelve beautiful years of discovery inspired by a rich and fascinating realm, an incredible gang of enthusiasts and open and curious customers!

What is your role in the team?
"I am a store consultant, workshop leader at the tea school and a lecturer on the road. I also have a few peripheral projects to do with Quebecois ceramics and gastronomic pairings. The gastronomic aspect is particularly motivating; it is new and passionate! I love making new discoveries of pairings with the tea and sharing them with customers and the restaurateurs. Tea is quietly making its place in the world of the sommelier and restaurateur and it really is a lucky privilege for me to be a witness and to be able to contribute.

Your favourite tea is ...
"I must admit that I'm a Darjeeling addict. I never tire of the very aromatic 1st flush which Kevin brings, and the Thurbo and Singell are at the top of the list!"

What has been your most recent discovery?
"I had a great liking for the new Taiwanese black tea, Mi Xiang Hong Cha. Magnificently floral and round, it has a very unique style. For pairings, I was really impressed by Bai Rui Xiang, a blawulong from China, already delicious by itself. It never ceases to surprise me with its great versatility in pairings with chocolates, cheeses, oysters, seafood. It pairs with so many different dishes, it is impressive!"

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