Team Portrait - Émilie Poissant

March 26, 2017
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At Camellia Sinensis, the team behind the company is as important the quality of our tea and teaware. This month, we're happy to present you Emilie Poissant, the manager of the Jean-Talon store in Montreal and our in-house pairing specialist.

Émilie, what is your role within the team? 
I've been working with the Camellia Sinensis team for 6 years now having previously worked as a pastry chef, cheese expert, chocolate maker and trained as a wine sommelier. With this background you can see how I developed an interest for food pairing. I've been managing the Jean-Talon store since September.  I also run four different workshops and conferences, generally pertaining to food pairings between tea and cheese/chocolate.  I am also in charge of elaborating the Table d’Hôte tasting menus for the Tea House.

Your favourite tea is...
That's a tough one. My everyday morning tea is Kamairicha, a Japanese green tea. Having said that, I'm also very keen on Chinese wulongs from the Wuyi region, notably the Qi Lan Wuyi,  the Rou Gui Da Wang and the Bai Rui Xiang. I have been very loyal to Mr. Nen Yu's Dong Ding (roasted) from Taiwan recently, as it is very interesting for pairings. I also love the rounder, darker and fuller flavours of Darjeelings and the Autumnal Nepalese teas, or the Chinese Feng Huang Hong Cha.

Can you name us a recent discovery?
It would be the Rou Gui Da Wang but I wouldn't call it a new tea as it's been in on sale for a couple of months now. I love its roasted notes that are like grilled nuts, its sweet, mineral finish and its long persistence.

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