October 24, 2013
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Generally we hear more of matcha than of tencha. The latter being simply the "raw" product, specifically manufactured to be ground into the  green tea powder called matcha.

During our last trip to Uji in Japan, we had the chance to taste various quality levels of Tencha. The best are free of stems and fibre. A pinch of the dry leaf simple melts deliciously in the mouth and instantly had us thinking of using it in the kitchen  ...

On our return, we tested a few ideas and loved the results! Tencha is ideal as a condiment or finishing spice.  On a salmon fillet or coating a seared scallop before serving.  Replace basil leaves on slices of fresh tomatoes and mozzarella with tencha leaves, sprinkle on a salad or even on a chocolate cake .. Let us know if you have any other ideas....

Discover tea differently!

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