Terre et Thé 2013

July 25, 2013
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The third edition of Terre et Thé 2013 took place on July 19-20. This year we made a few changes.  Instead of asking local ceramists to come to us we collaborated with the 1001 Pots, Québec’s largest ceramics festival, now in its 25th year in the Laurentian town of Val David and one of North America’s most renowned events.

The idea behind Terre et Thé is to connect the world of local ceramics with the rapidly growing interest in teaware.  By introducing the parameters expected by the tea drinking community local potters have the necessary tools to refine their creations to suit this very specific market.

This year the object was the teapot, very difficult to make fully functional due to the mechanics of infusing and pouring.   A pre selection of 103 artisans had been put on display by the 1001 Pots crew in a beautiful shaded grove by a cascading stream, custom built for the purpose of Terre et Thé 2013- Thanks again!

The Camellia team of 4 judges gave each one of these 30 pots a thorough critique and testing. Functionality was the key, comfort, balance, practicality and, of course, that all important spout for a good pour without a drip.  A great diversity of sizes and styles were presented, the quality was high.  Though Catherine-Emma, a ceramist herself, analyzed use of materials and glazes for us our input was primarily technical.  Our capacity as ‘expert teapot users’  was the reason we were there.  Some of the most beautiful pieces were unusable as teapots making them purely decorative.

After almost 4 hours of careful deliberation we had prepared feedback for each of the 30 pots and decided on our 3 winners.  Interestingly our selection was unanimous.

Before the prizes were awarded we gave a presentation to an audience of keen artisans explaining in detail the parameters and dimensions we had used in our process so as to encourage the exchange and development of their work.   Then it came time to present the prizes:

In 3rd prize Mahmoud Baghaeian,

In 2nd Prize Chantal Auger,


Our winner for the Terre et Thé 2013 Best Teapot Julie Lavoie.

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