The Japanese teas of 2011 are finally on the shelves!

July 5, 2011
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Over the last few years our Japanese teas have always arrived in early June. This year we have had to wait for all those beautiful fresh leaves to arrive. To start with, Japan had a colder winter than usual which delayed the harvest by about fifteen days.
Then, following all the terrible events that Japan suffered in March, we were obliged to follow a strict protocol with the 2011 harvest to ensure that our teas were not affected by radiation. These are the principal steps we have taken:

* Results and certification of soil analysis from each tea producer

* Results and certification of analysis of fresh leaf and/or infused leaf

* Results and certification from an independent firm here in Quebec of the Japanese teas
   upon arrival in our Montreal warehouse

A part of the copy of radiation report from our tea producers in Japan

So what was the result of all these precautions?

We received over a dozen radiation analysis certificates from our Japanese producers. Not one of them showed levels of radiation above the acceptable Canadian norms (1000 bq/kg). In fact the majority fall below the level of detection around 136 bq/kg. So the Japanese teas we have imported for the 2011 catalogue can be enjoyed with full confidence.
As an extra precaution the Japanese teas were also analysed on arrival in our warehouse by a radiation specialist before being sent out to our stores and Internet clients. After all these checks we now have the pleasure to announce the availability of a wonderful variety of 2011 teas: Sencha Haruno, Sencha Ashikubo, Sencha Nagashima, Sencha Isagawa, Kamairicha, Sencha Fukamushi Aji, Sencha Tuyuhikari, Sencha Tsukigase, Genmaicha, Genmaicha (sencha-matcha), Guricha, and Gyokuro Hokuen, to satisfy those thirsty palates!

Other teas will be available in the coming weeks. Rest assured that we will continue this level of testing with the same vigilance until the situation is completely restored to normal in Japan.
So enjoy, I recommend my most recent favourite the Sencha Tuyuhikari which comes from a newly developed cultivar the Tuyuhikari. A great example of a high class sencha with notes of green freshness and a long floral aftertaste.

M. Deschamps, radiation safety specialist, making tests on our latest arrivals of Japanese tea

Hugo Américi / Taster responsible for our imports from Taiwan & Japan.

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