The Quest for Fresh Leaf

June 6, 2018
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Since 1998, our team of four tasters scour various producing countries every Spring in search of the ultimate quality leaf. This tradition makes it the most exciting time of the year for our both our loyal clientele and, of course, the entire Camellia team. The return of Francois, Jasmin, Hugo and Kevin is always an exciting time.

Exceptional Quality

When it comes to selecting teas, we chose to do it first hand: directly on location, each and every year. It is this unusual approach that allows us to vouch for the quality of all our products. It is paramount in our approach to see the gardens, get a feel for the teas and how they’re produced. Furthermore, each of our four expert tasters have explored their specific region for many years building relationships with the suppliers, and accumulating expertise as buyers. The result is a unique knowledge of key tea growing regions bringing you World class teas.

Fresh Arrivals

There’s nothing like tasting tea fresh from the harvest. It’s a unique treat for your tastebuds. At this time the aromas and flavours are at their most explosive. While the quality of a well preserved tea is always great, it’s never quite the same as those first few weeks. Thus the yearly excitement that our whole team enjoys, tasting these fresh new arrivals. As for some of the Grand Crus….magic moments.

New Discoveries

Tasting a newly discovered tea can be so exciting but the same can be said about rediscovering the new harvest of an existing tea, the natural similarities and differences that vary year after year.

Experience the unique freshness of springtime arrivals: pass by one of our stores to chat with our team and taste our new selections. Enjoy the bonus of a few great travel anecdotes.


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