The Seasonal Difference

March 18, 2021
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Tea eaves in spring

For newcomers discovering the Camellia Sinensis catalogue for the first time it can seem a little strange to have a collection of products that changes continually.  But it only takes a few infusions to understand the thrill of drinking fresh tea, straight from the garden. 


The flavour profile of any tea is the result of a multitude of variables including the weather, the field-practice and the artisanal crafting of the tea once it is plucked.  So every batch of single-origin tea is unique.  This very exciting concept drives the Camellia Sinensis team to search, year after year, for the special batches that represent those rare days when all the stars aligned.  Those moments where the leaf was at its best and the tea-maker made all the right decisions to create a tea to remember.  


The seasonal cycle creates the most obvious changes in the conditions of the tea garden environment.  Each tea region has its own unique pattern and harvest periods.  As the tea plants go through their annual changes in reaction to this, the timing of the pluck is based on the aromatic chemistry of the leaf being at its best for a particular type of tea.  


The Camellia Sinensis year is built around the timing of these harvests around the World.  Month after month different regions are ‘in season’ and their fresh leaves arrive to seduce the eager tea community.  Though spring is the big season, new teas do arrive all year. To be drinking the best available teas all year we buy small batches, share them while they are at their fresh, aromatic peak and run out of stock before they lose their magic.  



So next time you visit the store or browse through the website keep in mind the seasonal quest behind each and every one of the teas in the selection.  If your favourite tea from the spring is now out of stock don’t be sad, it is simply the perfect time to try a fresh new-arrival from another season. Welcome to the adventure! 


The image shows a rough outline of when the principal harvests arrive in the Camellia Sinensis catalogue though there are always plenty of surprises and special batches arriving every year.

Tea Annual arrival calendar

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