February 19, 2013
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Seeing an Yixing teapot develop gradually over years, the residue of each infusion on the porous interior, is a great pleasure to many tea enthusiasts. Part of the charm of repeated visits to Camellia Sinensis' Teahouses is drinking a favourite tea in an increasingly seasoned teapot.

When we opened the Teahouse in Quebec in 2004, we selected a series of Yixing teapots to serve tea. Last month, after more than eight years of service (an estimated 20,000 infusions!) a teapot reserved exclusively for Darjeeling Teas was retired from the Tearoom.

There were mixed emotions among the staff as we put the pot on the shelf to be sold. To our surprise several clients showed interest immediately. New, this teapot was listed at $40, compared to some of the prices of aged pots we have seen in Chinese auctions our sale price of $200 was fairly modest.

A few days later Marco, whom we have known as a regular client from Montréal since 2000, noticed it. He leapt at the opportunity, and bought the treasured teapot. Once the staff learned who had bought it they were comforted to know that it would be in good hands.

Marco explained his connection with the teapot as follows:

"The acquisition of this teapot represents many years of visiting Camellia Sinensis and knowing the staff who handled this teapot with such care. The passage of time has left its mark on the clay in many ways and this brings me to contemplation and inner calm."

We wish him many great moments with this unique object!

Jasmin Desharnais

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