The Tea Studio is Rolling!

September 8, 2018
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Back in March 2018, we officially announced the launch of a project we had been working on for a few years: the Tea Studio, an experimental tea factory located in the Nilgiris. The machines have now been operational for a full year and our first 4 teas launched in March.

Surprising results

Within the first 12 months of Tea Studio's existence, our team worked hard to develop the quality of the teas and make adjustments according to the different seasons. We were pleasantly surprised by our the first lots, especially for the Nilgiri Mao Feng 01. We did not expect such good results at first with our green tea using the assamica variety leaf. Encouraging for the creation of new interesting possibilities as we move forward!

The teas have been praised by our loyal clients who have been following the story of the Tea Studio. We are numbering each lot as they arrive so that customers can follow our progress and the seasonality of the teas. The 2nd lot will be available in just a few weeks.

Our Tasters at the Studio

Our four tasters will head to the Tea Studio in India for two weeks in October to work on methodology and logistics. They are also bringing one of our favourite tea producers from China, Mr. He, to help fine tune our manufacturing process.

Stay tuned for the next chapter in this very exciting project!

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