Tisanes: Local Treasures to Discover

October 16, 2019
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Fall his here and time has come to put on your favourite sweater, pull up a chair by the fire and sip something hot. Changing colours, temperature, rhythm… leaves cover the ground, leaving the trees naked. Time has also come to harvest the last plants, shrubs, berries and mushrooms of the season. Juniper, gale, chaga… everything is dried and stored. This mark the beginning of the blending season. Everything harvested during summer put together to finalize your recipes. For those who like hot beverages in the evening but don’t want to lay awake too long, herbal infusions are the perfect solution. Tonic, digestive, calming or reinforcing the immune system, none contain caffeine. No risk of turning over in bed with a sleepless night. Chamomile and lavender also help you relax before sleep; and Labrador tea is still one of the best remedies against insomnia.

In our stores, this year’s new arrivals boost our herbal catalogue. A quick glance at the list reveals many local treasures to discover or rediscover. Herbal infusions from Quebec are often the best on the list. Not only do they have great positive effects on the body, but they also offer excellent tasting moments. Their freshness is unrivaled. Cultivated with care in perfectly organic environments and harvested at their peak quality, these careful blends of plants surprise even the finest tasters. In partnership with local herbal farms, we’ve put up some blends of such finesse and aromatic complexity they would easily classify as grand crus. In L’Apaisante, for example, the smooth texture of the calendula and the zesty tang of lemon balm offer ideal support to the sweet licorice aromas of agastache. Nettle’s numerous health benefits are followed in the Tulsi d’Hiver by sacred basil’s (tulsi) peppery and fruity notes, and lifted by floral fragrances from rose and oregano. Belle Humeur’s delicate scents, Rose Pourpre’s richness and La Réconfortante’s caressing lightness are not to be missed either. As for La Taïga Sauvage, a wild blend of Quebec ingredients, 100% harvested in our Boreal forest. Pure pleasure, a terroir’s expression in its simplest form.

These infusions are more than just nasty cough syrups to fight colds and other seasonal hardships. Next time you are stuck home with your puffy nose, try out a pot of Labrador teaor even wintergreen, a few cups of comfort that will also help reduce inflammation and mucus. Or why not one of our large leaf herbal teas in a gaiwan? You’ll be surprised by the depth of such brewing.

What a great way to enjoy the Fall.

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