Travels 2018: our Tea Tasters' Plans

March 20, 2018
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At the end of March, Camellia Sinensis' four tasters will travel to the four corners of Asia on their annual quest for Asia’ best leaf, to meet our loyal producers and also to continue various new projects.

Kevin Gascoyne

Between March 28th and May 14th, Kevin will visit India, Nepal and Sri Lanka. Kevin begins his annual trip in Kolkata, before heading to Darjeeling in the Himalaya to find the best First Flush lots of the year. He will also visit one of his favourite gardens, Jun Chiyabari, Nepal, and meet our Earl Grey tea producer, Puttajhora, before heading to southern India to visit our new project the Tea Studio (details to come!). He will end his annual trip to Sri Lanka to visit various producers. This year, Kevin will be accompanied by François the assistant manager of the Quartier Latin boutique. Will he be able to keep up with Kevin, who is on his 25th trip to India? To be continued...

François Marchand

From April 8th to 26th, François will travel to China with a very special guest: Leika, his 11 year-old daughter. Francois is making a strong case to win the title of "Father of the Year"! During his trip, he will present our Certificate of Excellence to one of his favourite producers, Mr. Ye, who produces Tai Ping Hou Kui. He will also visit Mrs. Zhang, one of our favourite potters, with whom he will discuss glazes and new teaware projects. François and Leika will send us video updates and reports as during the trip.

Jasmin Desharnais

From April 9th to 30th, as part of its 16th spring on the Tea Route in China, Jasmin has quite the diverse itinerary. He will begin his annual journey exploring accessories in the north of the country. He will then continue in the east, looking for the best green, white and black teas. He will then end up in west central China in Guizhou Province where he will give a conference at the Guizhou Tea University.

Hugo Americi

From May 3rd to 19th during his 10th trip to Taiwan, Hugo will be accompanied by Manuel, manager of the Montreal Tearoom. It is Manual’s first trip to Asia he will assist various meetings with the producers, then then travel to South Korea with Hugo. A country that has eluded the Camellia Sinensis Catalogue as yet due to quality price ratio. A very interesting new departure.

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