Urbania 10

July 12, 2013
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Montréal’s famous magazine URBANIA celebrated its 10th year last month with a big party at the ToHu, the Cirque de Soleil’s headquarters. Having worked numerous joint projects over the years with the publication we were pleased to be invited to take part in the festivities. For this special occasion we created a brand new cocktail we call the ‘Urbania 10’. We collaborated for this with Ungava, a local company that distil a gin from regional ingredients and aromatic plants from Québec’s Great North. (Labrador Tea, rosehip, tundra flowers, brambles, wild-mulberries, crowberry and Nordic juniper). The results were astonishing, an unexpected harmony of flavours.


-Cold-infuse the Wulong Milan Xiang Feng Xi for around 12 heures (immerse leaves in cold water and leave overnight) Use a ratio of 1 ½ teaspoons for each 250 ml of water. Add sugar to taste (around 1 teaspoon / 250 ml).

-Filter the infusion

-Add 1 oz of Ungava Gin to a tall glass of ice cubes

-Add 5 oz de iced Milan Xiang Feng Xi

-A quarter of lime or lemon for decoration.


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