Véronique's Favourites

June 23, 2022
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Véronique Jalbert

Véronique Jalbert had developed a passion for tea long before she joined the Camellia Sinensis team 11 years ago. Part of her work is writing all those elaborate flavour-profile descriptions for the website, for each tea as it arrives. She has become very skilled at this thanks to her focussed, technical approach and her distinct personal touch.  Sharing her favourites with us she opens up her own tea universe.

Having had the chance to meet the producer Mr.Hé and his team, the Jingning Yin Zhen, known for its classy finesse, conjures fond memories of the the town that gives its name to this tea. The Darjeeling First Flush Goomtee, for its woodsy attack and floral character, that makes her feel surrounded by nature.  The Qi Lan Wuyi wulong for its relaxing warmth and notes of honey and nuts.

For gaiwan fans, she favours this vessel for the finesse of design of each of its parts and simply because the temperature of each infusion can be perfectly regulated.

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