Yixing Teapots: new arrivals

September 1, 2010
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We have just received a new shipment of Yixing teapots (宜兴紫砂壶).
These teapots are made from the famous 'memory clay' of Yixing( 宜興 ), a city of Jiangsu Province in China (the unglazed clay absorbs flavour from the tea!). This is a good time to visit our shop in the Latin Quarter in search of a teapot!
- you'll also find a selection of these teapots in our stores in Quebec and Jean-Talon Market.

Something for everyone's taste and budget.
The imaginative craftsmen of china have created many extraordinary teapots of varying forms and decoration.
Nicholas, who is in charge of teapots and accesories, has carefully selected - for you - teapots with styles ranging from sleek to extravagant!

These unique pieces, made entirely by hand, are the result of thousands of acts performed with dexterity and precision in a near-frenzy of tool changes and repositioning of the object worked.

It is fascinating to see the exceptional properties of Yixing clay. Its regularity, the richness of its texture, the variety of its pigmentation, its sparkling sound once fired, are just some of the characteristics that give us the feeling of a living object, with which one wants to serve tea. To the touch, the teapots feel like a fresh egg just unearthed from the henhouse.

And how is the clay to work ? Wet, it is as easy to handle as playdough. Also, look at the high relief - or pelletizing - in this pumpkin-shaped teapot, it is precisely this plasticity of the clay that makes those endless forms - flowers, animals - all sorts of characters, even dragons breathing fire!

After having had the chance to see a Chinese potter create a teapot from A to Z, it is not possible to see, or feel, them in quite the same way.

Happy tea drinking!

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