Yerba Mate accessories

Calabash from Julie Lavoie | Verano

Quebec Ceramist Collection
Product code: CSAC-220
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200 ml

This Calabash is the creation of the Quebec ceramist Julie Lavoie.

The shape is inspired by the shape of the gourd, the fruit in which the mate was originally consumed.

Each gourd is uniquely crafted, with colours and capacity which vary from one to another.  Beautiful artisanal work.

Diameter: 9 cm

Height: 7 cm

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The bombilla is the traditional utensil for drinking mate. Imported by Camellia Sinensis directly from a cooperative of artisans in Buenos Aires, Argentina, one of the principal countries of mate culture.

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Made from a shrub in the holly family, Yerba Mate is a traditional beverage in many South American countries. Our Yerba Mate is certified organic and comes from a small production in Brazil. Its straightforward herbaceous and bitter flavour is an experience to be had! Thanks to its stimulant properties, this is a favourite of students and people who want to stay energized for hours!

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Using a wood-fired kiln, Julie Lavoie, ceramist, creates exquisite porcelain, both rich and rustic with its flames and the delicate imprint of cinders. The result: a rich "living white" effect, both precious and pure in its own way.