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700 ml

Chinese cast iron enamelled teapot inspired by the famous Japanese foundries.

Cast iron is a material that has the particular properties of being both dense and conductive of heat. These characteristics give this material its rustic, even comforting aspect.

Warming the teapot with a little boiling water before each use will prolong the time that the tea can retain its initial temperature.

The enamelled interior, besides being rust resistant, permits great versatility. Another particularity to consider: the cast iron is unbreakable, which represents a choice investment for any tea lover!

It has a likable turnkey aspect, with its filter, and included trivet - it lacks only a tea to discover.

Diameter of the opening: 6.5 cm

Height: 8.5 cm

Diameter of the trivet: 14 cm

filter This product comes with a filter

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