Local Ceramist

Makiko - Montreal (Qc)



When she was younger, Makiko studied design in Japan. She then stumbled across an ad for a pottery workshop while living in France and was completely sold. As luck would have it, she soon discovered that she had the natural passion and tenacity required for this delicate art.

A formation in film also complements this visually sensitive and unusual background. Her creations have both finesse and personality, and some of the pieces have glazes that continue to evolve with the passage of tea and time.

Her origins introduce that instinctive approach to ceramics as a noble art that is so omnipresent in Japan.

Cup from Makiko | Abysse

Quebec ceramist Makiko Nakamura Hicher works her cups to give them this irregular and ageing effect.

Cup from Makiko | Azisai

True to her style, Makiko skilfully plays with colours and materials and once again offers us a harmonious cup that strikes a balance between delicacy and exuberance.

Teapot from Makiko | Abysse

This teapot is a valuable addition to the Abysse line, a favourite among Quebec ceramist Makiko's collections. Bright and attractive, the vibrant turquoise of this line is skillfully balanced by the artist's signature irregular, weathered finish.