Local Ceramist

Catherine De Abreu - Laval (Qc)

Catherine De Abreu


With several artistic degrees in hand, including in Visual Arts at Concordia University and at the Bonsecours Ceramic Centre in 2012, Catherine is a structured and thoughtful ceramist who seeks to both understand and communicate.

Her creative process is almost philosophical, but once transposed into the material, the results are surprisingly concise and graphic.

Catherine devotes herself mainly to the manufacture of Art de la Table ; functional, but always unique thanks to the singular decals or shades of glazes she skillfully plays with.

Cup from Catherine De Abreu | Éolienne

As a challenge, the Quebec artist wanted to use vivid orange for this collection, a colour with a bold character which is rarely used in ceramics. Juxtaposed with this modern graphic, a rebellious cup is born with a singular design that captures the imagination.

Cup from Catherine De Abreu | Navire

The passing of time, longing, travel and a feeling of airiness: these are the thoughts that the artist wishes to evoke with this gentle collection, which is resolutely conducive to reverie.

Cup from Catherine de Abreu | Méduse

As she prepares her ceramic's third firing, the artist lays out laser decals that will add her object's undeniable signature: the jellyfish. Why this creature? "There is no specific reason ... I find this marine specimen fascinating, it's seducing simply by its beauty."