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Catherine Valois - Quebec (Qc)

Catherine Valois


A recently graduate from the ceramics program of the Maison des Métiers d’Art in Quebec City, this artist explored many avenues, including graphic design, before focussing on clay .

This graphics training is reflected in various aspects of her work, the general aesthetics of her brand, her careful style and even her signature, CAVAl, a contraction of her name: Catherine Valois.

Despite her past influences, it is the medium of ceramics that now drives her. Catherine favours finesse, contemplation and harmony in her work rather than speed of execution. Each object is carefully worked with a passion and then exposed to the unpredictable magic and wonders of the firing process.

Cup from CAVAL | Lichen

From light grey to khaki, from taupe to pure white, the shades of colour blend harmoniously in the creations of Quebec ceramist Catherine Valois.