Local Ceramist

Julie Lavoie - L'Avenir (Qc)


With her calm, her open mind and her refined style, Julie has been a protégé of Camellia Sinensis since the very early days.

Shortly after completing her training at the Centre de Céramique Bonsecours in 2009, Julie left to travel and continue her apprenticeship in Japan. The voyage that solidified her style of porcelains that are both "racy and rustic".

Her interest in tea objects grew and became more and refined with her knowledge of wood-fired kilns. The results are rich and unparalleled: "In the kiln, the flame and the ashes lay directly on the piece, which gives them, a very particular style".

To this day, she is one of the few artisans in the province to own a wood-fired kiln, in the small village in Centre-du-Québec where she lives.

Cup from Julie Lavoie | Neige

Using a wood-fired kiln, Julie Lavoie, ceramist, creates exquisite porcelain, both rich and rustic with its flames and the delicate imprint of cinders. The result: a rich "living white" effect, both precious and pure in its own way.

Cup from Julie Lavoie | Tenmoku

It was in a teahouse in Japan that the potter Julie Lavoie discovered Tenmoku. On seeing the works of Kamada Koji for the first time, she was inspired by the 'starry skies' effect, unique to this glaze. Like a premonition, this idea of meteors had already appeared in her work before this journey.