Gift Guide

We have compiled a handy guide filled with original gift ideas for everyone.


Greet your guests with class. The Japanese foundry Kikuchi Hojudo creates Wazuqu objects in stylish, high-end cast iron. Traditional craftsmanship with modern lines.

The minimalist 'tone-on-tone' effect of this ensemble, on the graphite black ceramic boat accompanied by a Japanese Washi box.
With two matte white cups to complete the picture.

In the spotlight: our Huiming Hong Cha, a black tea with rich chocolate and gourmet notes.

Huiming Hong Cha

This Chinese black tea from the province of Zhenjiang, a recent innovation of Mr. He, is composed of long curly leaves decorated with golden buds.

Ceramic Tea Boat | Littoral

Besides being a serving tray and contributing to the aesthetics of the tea ritual, this tea boat is a ceramic container to catch the water. Depending on the infusion technique used, you can dispose of the water used to heat your equipment as well as your rinse water. The water is drained by pouring through the hole on the top corner of the tea boat.