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Greet your guests with class. The Japanese foundry Kikuchi Hojudo creates Wazuqu objects in stylish, high-end cast iron. Traditional craftsmanship with modern lines.

The minimalist 'tone-on-tone' effect of this ensemble, on the graphite black ceramic boat accompanied by a Japanese Washi box.
With two matte white cups to complete the picture.

In the spotlight: our Huiming Hong Cha, a black tea with rich chocolate and gourmet notes.

Wazuqu Cast iron Teapot | Mayu

With more than four centuries of experience at their craft, the Kikuchi Hojudo foundry is a true leader in Wazuqu steel (a Japanese steel of very high quality).

Huiming Hong Cha

This Chinese black tea from the province of Zhenjiang, a recent innovation of Mr. He, is composed of long curly leaves decorated with golden buds.

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