Gift Guide

We have compiled a handy guide filled with original gift ideas for everyone.

Focus Matcha

Matcha is a rich and invigorating tea, but its ritual invites for a time of rest.

This porcelain chawan is decorated with a delicate pattern that inspires graceful movements. Its flat bottom helps the handling of chasen to create a delicious "jade" emulsion.

These objects, both useful and pretty, will create a very inviting space at home.

In the spotlight: our Matcha Uji, with a velvety texture and a slightly bitter-sweet flavor, with notes of oily grass and snow peas.

Chawan from Ms. Zhang | Sepia

Like the graceful motion of ink through clear water, the sepia finish of this single porcelain piece is true to its origin: squid ink.

Chasen (Matcha Tea Whisk) | White Bamboo

The chasen is a traditional tool and is essential for preparing matcha. It is made from a single piece of bamboo with the end cut into several thin slivers to whisk the green tea into a small quantity of water. With a quick motion, the whisked tea is then fully emulsified and attains the proper texture as seen in the famous Japanese tea ceremony – the chanoyu.

Naoshi (Chasen Holder)

An almost essential accessory for anyone using a chasen, the naoshi (chasen-holder) preserves the shape of the whisk while enabling it to dry properly.

Matcha Uji (40g tin)

A delicious Matcha with an excellent quality/price ratio brought to us by the Osafumi brothers, second generation producers.

Matcha Spoon | Stainless Steel

This just lovely miniature spoon is the perfect measurement tool for a perfect traditional Matcha every time!