Gift Guide

We have compiled a handy guide filled with original gift ideas for everyone.

Pure Nature

Presented on a minimalist bamboo tray, these elements harmonize with each other for a celebration of nature.

Quebec ceramist Makiko uses clay powder to artistically decorate her fine ceramics and create the organic effect that distinguishes them.

The Kabazaiku box, entirely made of lacquered cherry bark, completes the decor with presence and preserves your grands crus in the purest Japanese tradition.

Living materials, that will evolve and subtly change colour over time.

In the spotlight: our Gyokuro Shizuoka, a Japanese green tea with intense hints of green vegetable (spinach) and berries.

Gyokuro Shizuoka Organic

The Okabe farmers cooperative in Japan offers us this green tea in the Gyokuro style produced following the covered method of cultivation, giving it its characteristic taste from shade.

Kabazaiku Tea Box | Inox

This Japanese tea caddy is clad in cherry wood, one of Japan's emblematic trees.