Private Branding Service

Whether you are looking for loose-leaf teas or teabags, our team can create a range for your own brand. Each project will be adjusted to your/the clients specific scenario and needs.

Pyramidal Teabags Co-Packing & Private Labeling

Be it loose-leaf teas or teabags, our team can produce a fully customized line of teas. Each project is tailored specifically to your needs, from the selection of the tea to the creation of the final product in retail ready packaging.

Equipped with the latest specialized machinery, we produce a fully customized line of pyramidal teabags to suit your specific needs.

Our Teabag packing machine

We use only biodegradable and compostable fabric to produce the teabags, sealed with a glue-free ultra-sound technique. Teabags can be produced with or without individual envelopes.

White label teabagCustomized label teabagCustomized envelope teabag

In addition to producing the teabags, we can also arrange all the packing for you in a customized format of your choice. Our minimums are low and we guarantee swift service and rapid production of your order.

  • Pyramidal teabags, with or without overwrap
  • Iced tea tube-sachets, each unit producing one or multiple litres
  • Biodegradable and compostable teabag materials
  • Customized packaging, in bags or boxes (metallic or paper)
  • Organic and FairTrade certification available

Large inventory of teas

We also stock a large selection of teas and herbals to cater to all needs and budgets. We can develop unique blends for your project or you can send us your tea material to pack into teabags for you.

Ask our experienced team to guide you through the possibilities and help ensure the success of your tea program.

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