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Celadon Summer Chawan from Mr. Yan | CY4

Mr. Yan Collection
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300 ml

This true masterpiece in celadon Hui Qing comes to us directly from the workshops Mr Yan Wei En located in the city of Longquan, China.

Mr Yan is a meticulous artist motivated by the idea of creating contemporary pieces while incorporating elements of traditional Chinese culture.

His creative place, the city of Longquan, has nurtured its historical creation of ceramics for centuries, especially that of celadon, for which it is famous.

This form of Chawan is known as Natsu Chawan or Summer Chawan because matcha cools faster in a bowl with a large aperture like this.

This collector's item comes with a wooden box signed by the artist. Look after it. The ensemble could well appreciate in value over the years.

Each handcrafted piece is unique and has been catalogued separately to ensure that the piece you see is the piece you get

To learn more about the artist's approach, see this blog article.

Diameter: 17.25 cm

Height: 7 cm

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