Chasen (Matcha Tea Whisk) | Purple Bamboo

Product code: CSTHJC-73

The Chasen, cut from a single piece of bamboo, is a traditional and essential instrument for matcha preparation.

Whisking a small amount of water with your matcha, gives a creamy emulsion as found in the Japanese tea ceremony: chanoyu.

Please see our video on prepare matcha preparation.

This purple bamboo chasen has 120 fronds, considerably more than standard chasens which usually have 80 stems. Purple bamboo (not to be confused with smoked bamboo though visually similar) is rarer than white bamboo. It can be distinguished by its darker, brown/purple hues.  The craftsmanship of these Chasen makes each one unique so color gradations will vary from one to another.

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The chasen is a traditional tool and is essential for preparing matcha. It is made from a single piece of bamboo with the end cut into several thin slivers to whisk the green tea into a small quantity of water. With a quick motion, the whisked tea is then fully emulsified and attains the proper texture as seen in the famous Japanese tea ceremony – the chanoyu.