Chawan from Nadine Desmarais | Écume

Quebec Ceramist Collection
Product code: CSTHJC-236
600 ml

An impeccable chawan with a wide, flat base, the result of the expertise of ceramist Nadine Desmarais, who has mastered the art of conceiving utilitarian, functional and beautiful pieces.

Behind these delicate and textured pieces, we discover a new ceramist with a firmly established style.

Looking into her story, we realize the potter has a rich artistic background in visual presentation, advertising and photography. This explains such artistic maturity in a new line of work. "I have tried to express myself in many ways during my life (...) however, it is through clay that I find today an inner freedom from which springs my creativity".

Carrying the Gaspésie region deep in her heart, it is no coincidence that Nadine Desmarais's ceramics, with their pearly finishes and soft textures, always remind us of its seashores.

Diameter: 13 cm

Height: 7.5 cm

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