Cup from Catherine de Abreu | Méduse

Quebec Ceramist Collection
Product code: CSAC-510
120 ml

As she prepares her ceramic's third firing, the artist lays out laser decals that will add her object's undeniable signature: the jellyfish. Why this creature? "There is no specific reason ... I find this marine specimen fascinating, it's seducing simply by its beauty."

The final result, as a whole, feels quite organic thanks to the contrast of the material and random application of jellyfishes, but also by the sharp visual precision of the grey and white.

Laval ceramist Catherine De Abreu advocates a contemporary approach to the objects she creates.

The craftsmanship behind these cups is what makes them unique as the colour gradient, intensity and patterns varies from one object to the other. Think of it as the yardstick of what handmade looks like.

Diameter: 7 cm

Height: 7 cm

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