Cup from Dana | Myri

Quebec Ceramist Collection
Product code: CSAC-982
250 ml

On this everyday porcelain cup, a work of art is added that is a hymn to the almost invisible and little known beauty of the marine depths.

Each cup is painted by hand. The irregular lines of this technique give the drawing a naïve and innocent look, while remaining faithful to the subject matter.

Fascinated and passionate about nature, Dana finds the essence of her inspiration in the images of insects, fish and any other neglected monstrosities.

Each cup takes almost an hour to achieve this loose, yet realistic illustration. This one shows the large-eyed Myripristis or soldier fish, a coral reef specimen.

Dana Powell is a Montreal artist who maintains a modest yearly output between her work in cinema and various other occupations. It is therefore a privilege to present this collection of pieces made exclusively for Camellia Sinensis.

The handmade aspect of these cups makes them all unique. This is why the colour gradations, capacity and placement of the motifs may vary from one to another. Think of it as a guarantee of handmade work!

Diameter: 7.25 cm

Height: 8.75 cm

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