Cup from Gaële Dufaux-Mathieu | Boréale

Quebec Ceramist Collection
Product code: CSAC-750
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160 ml

After just a few years turning the potter’s wheel, Gaële has developed a rare dexterity shaping her very fine objects.

She always keeps functionality as a prime objective to move forward in her craft. It takes moves and gestures that have been repeated thousands of times to produce such well-balanced pieces for everyday use : “Through the objects I create, I hope to bring out meaning and consciousness in the small gestures surrounding them, transforming common use in a comforting ritual.”

Often found travelling and adventuring abroad, her returns to home soil are always buzzing with activity as her pieces are very sough after.

An inspiring artist who’s evolution through time we will gladly follow.

The craft used for these cups makes each one unique so colour gradients and format will vary from one to another. The true beauty of artisanal work.

Diameter: 8 cm

Height: 4.75 cm

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