Cup from Jingdezhen | Tenmoku

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100 ml

The elegance and finesse of the Tenmoku glaze contrasts nicely with its host: a dense and textured clay cup. The thickness of this ceramic makes it ideal for serving high temperature teas. If the Tenmoku style dazzles the eye, it is with a tea inside that it truly reveals its magic. 

Diameter: 8 cm

Height: 5.75 cm   

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Darjeeling Autumnal Gopaldhara

Perched high in the Mirik Valley of the Darjeeling region, Gopalhara tea garden grows a mixture of cultivars (B157, AV2 and T78) to produce this lot, affectionately named "Red Thunder" by its producer. Its liquor, smooth and full bodied, boasts an aromatic finesse ranging from notes of bark and fruit to hints of spices and nuts. The finish has a pleasant sweetness (malt) characteristic of autumn flushes. 

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From the moist leaves rise comforting fragrances of wood, spices and musk evoking incense of medicinal herbs. A lively and brilliant liquor marks with confidence its character both vegetable and fruity, while a bed of rich tannins gives it body and density. The long mineral finish is softened by a persevering floral note that reveals itself quietly.

Kyusu from Gyokko | Yami

At the venerable age of 80, Japanese ceramist Gyokko is still an active artist whose energy do not seem to fade. He manages to keep in artistic vision: offering teapots that are both affordable, artisanal and complex.