Cup from Julie Lavoie | Silice

Quebec Ceramist Collection
Product code: CSAC-1002
125 ml

This latest creation by ceramist Julie Lavoie is a delicate bare clay cup, rich in the wood firing from which it is made.

Notice the subtle grain that the clay retains in its natural state. Nevertheless, thanks to the high temperature firing, the piece is non-porous, although tannins may cling to it as the teas go on, although tannins may cling to it as the teas go on.

A plant imprint adds a touch of magic to this successful fusion between the delicacy of the piece and the strength of the flame.

The handmade aspect of these cups makes them all unique. This is why the shape and capacity may vary from one to another. Think of it as a guarantee of handmade work!

Diameter: 8.75 cm

Height: 5.75 cm

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