Cup from Mr. Lin | Wo Bei

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90 ml

Taiwanese artist Lin Jianhong has created this celadon work of art, a unique cup with a velvety texture and an enveloping finish.

Originally from Luku in Taiwan, the artist learned the refinement of ceramics from the great masters of Japan. Jianhong uses the Ru Yao glaze, a type of celadon developed during the Qing Dynasty (1644-1912). His pieces are fired in a gas kiln at a temperature of up to 1250° Celsius, which gives them a sweet, sugar-like effect.

Underneath the thick light blue coating, the raw clay adds a contrast that is pleasing to the eye and to the touch.

This piece comes with a wooden box signed by the artist.

The handmade aspect of these cups makes them all unique. This is why the appearance and capacity may vary from one to another. Think of it as a guarantee of handmade work.

Opening diameter: 6.5 cm

Height: 6.25 cm

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