Cup from Ms. Zhang | Summit

Ms. Zhang Collection
Product code: CSAC-1053
90 ml

At first glance, the porcelain is recognizable as Ms. Zhang's own, with its enveloping glaze and delicately fading colours. The cup is slightly longer, distinct from the rest of the collection.

The artist Zhang Zhen Chun is the perfect example of a symbiosis between modernity and tradition. Passionate about design, this young woman develops pieces that have style and character.

A graduate of the University of Jingdezhen in China, her works are born of a city famous for the quality of its porcelain since the Tang Dynasty (7th century).

The artisanal aspect of these gaiwans makes each one unique. Naturally, colour gradients will vary from one piece to another.The beauty of hand crafted authenticity.

Diameter : 6.75 cm

Height : 5.5 cm

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