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Cup form Mr Cao | Lichen

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Cup from Catherine De Abreu | Méduse

Laval ceramist Catherine De Abreu advocates a contemporary approach to the objects she creates.  As she prepares her ceramic's third firing, the artist lays out laser decals that will add her object's undeniable signature: the jellyfish.  Why this creature? "There is no specific reason ... I find this marine specimen fascinating, it's seducing simply by its beauty."  

Cup from Gaële Dufaux-Mathieu | Boréale

After just a few years turning the potter’s wheel, Gaële has developed a rare dexterity shaping her very fine objects. She always keeps functionality as a prime objective to move forward in her craft. It takes moves and gestures that have been repeated thousands of times to produce such well-balanced pieces for everyday use : “ Through the objects I create, I hope to bring out meaning and consciousness in the small gestures surrounding them, transforming common use in a comforting ritual.” Often found travelling and adventuring abroad, her returns to home soil are always buzzing with …

Cup from Jingdezhen | Tenmoku

The elegance and finesse of the Tenmoku glaze contrasts nicely with its host: a dense and textured clay cup. The thickness of this ceramic makes it ideal for serving high temperature teas. If the Tenmoku style dazzles the eye, it is with a tea inside that it truly reveals its magic. 

Cup from l'Arbre et la Rivière | Buse

Geneviève Boudreault and Matthieu Huck understand the "Art of Tea", they create work that blends functionality with nobility.

Cup from Lin’s Ceramics Craqueled Celadon | Sunflower

Celadon is a sought after glaze for all styles of tea.

Cup from Lin’s Ceramics | Medium-Plain Purion

This remarkable material, developed after 10 years of research, is specifically designed to enhance aged, wulong and black teas.

Cup from Makiko | Poppy

Much like abstract art, Makiko's spotting and clouding glazes evoke as many things as there are people to look at it. Landscapes, sweets, burning balloons... feel free to gaze all you want.

Cup from Makiko | Vanille

The distinct finish on these elegant pieces is created using a clay powder in the glaze.

Cup from Marie-Ève Dompierre | Petit Prince

From ceramist Marie-Ève Dompierre, these porcelain cups have a classy golden rim of real gold.

Cup from Mr Chen CH-15

Despite his young age he is now a prominent artisan who was awarded the status of master of pottery and crafts.

Cup from Mr Chen CH-17

Despite his young age he is now a prominent artisan who was awarded the status of master of pottery and crafts.

Cup from Mr Shao | Mò

Mr Shao learned traditional pottery techniques with some of the greatest masters and he is part of a new generation of promising young potters. Shao Guo Jun was born and educated in the city of Ding Shan. His style is both plain and very much alive.

Cup from Mr Wang W10

An inspiring discovery for Camellia Sinensis, our range of Yixing teapots, from where this originates, is enriched by this artist.

Cup from Mrs Zhang | Ovo

This line was born from collaboration between the Camellia Sinensis team and the potter Zhang Zhen Chun, a young women passionate about design. Mrs Zhang is the perfect example of symbiosis between modernity and tradition : the artist develops pieces rich in style and character and, graduate from Jingdezhen University in China, her work is worthy of this famous city, known for the quality of its porcelain since the Tang dynasty (7th century).

Cup from Royal Albert | Honey Bunny

This cup from Royal Albert’s Candy collection is a tasteful blend of audacious and classic designs, an unexpected balance between chic and warmth.

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